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Breast Enlargement - Cosmetic Surgery Preston

Breast enlargement using breast implants is one of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.K. Many women feel that breast enlargement has significantly improved or changed the way they feel about their body. It makes them confident, vibrant and able to regain their feminine figure. Women may approach for this procedure for different reasons. Women who never developed their breasts appropriately during their early teens, women who have had children breastfed them and lost part of the volume during that process and other women who have lost a significant amount of weight leading to complete disproportion in their upper body may all benefit from this procedure. It is certainly not just to enhance an already larger breast. A professionally qualified Plastic surgeon would be able to guide you through the appropriate procedure based on your individual requirements. During the consultation process the surgeon will assess you and get to know you as an individual followed by a detailed examination to examine and confirm the appropriate size of implants. This information would then help the surgeon to choose the most appropriate size and shape breast implant. Information about your job, your hobbies, your lifestyle and your health conditions would guide the surgeon to advise you appropriately about the choice of implant, the position of the implant and the aftercare that you require following the surgery. Breast augmentation usually employs silicone breast implants placed either below the breast tissue or below the chest muscle. The available skin, the quality of the skin and the available breast tissue will guide the surgeon to choose the right position to place the implant to achieve the desired result. The procedure itself is usually done under general anaesthesia and the patient would be advised to stay in the hospital for one night. It is advisable to wear a supportive bra for about four weeks after surgery both for your personal comfort as well as to maintain the shape that is achieved during surgery. The scar is usually placed under the breast and a non-underwired would be recommended in order not to irritate this wound during the initial healing period. The patient would then be advised to return to the hospital one week after surgery to have the wounds checked. Beyond that period there would be no need for any dressings as long as the wound is healing well. You would be advised to gradually increase your activities to return to your normal level over a period of 3-6 weeks time. Placing the implant below the muscle may cause additional discomfort and may delay your physical recovery such as going to the gym or heavy lifting etc. Some women experience some disturbances to their nipple sensation – most of them feeling a little bit of numbness for a short period but some women may also feel an over sensitive nipple areolar which usually settles down a few months after surgery. It is normally advised that by 6-8 weeks, most of the swelling from the surgery would have reduced allowing the woman to appreciate the final outcome. Despite the popular media information, most current generation breast implants are much safer and can be retained for much longer than 10-15 years. However individual changes in the woman’s body stature such as weight loss, further pregnancy may change the final shape of the breast which would then require an additional consultation. Women having their breast enlarged at a much younger age may also need to have a longer term view and may require additional consultation and procedures in future.